ACE Core Mathematics

ACE Core Math

Our Philosophy:

Everyone can succeed in math. Confidence in your ability is as important as the skills you will acquire in ACE Core Mathematics. Many students believe they just don't have the 'math gene' and have been told that they're just not a math person. We disagree, and we prove it every day. Most students are missing an understanding of math fundamentals which prevents them from succeeding in topics that follow. Many people think they struggle with algebra, when the true barrier is a lack of understanding of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. With a little hard work, be prepared to master math and understand numbers on a level you never thought possible. We're delighted you've decided to change your life by enhancing your numeracy skills.

Learn what you need:

Each unit begins with a Unit Scenario - a real-world question you will be able to answer when you have the skills necessary. We're teaching you real math that you will use in your life, work, and future education. These Unit Scenarios will show you where your skills can be used and will help to develop your ability to use them in real situations.

Notes and Attendance:

You won't remember unless you understand. We all forget when we don't practise something, that's why you need a comprehensive set of notes in your own words built from your understanding. Being in class and making personalized notes is essential to your longterm success. This web site will be helpful as a learning support, but nothing can improve your learning more than being an active participant in the class. Those who listen retain about 20% of what they hear, those who listen, write, and interact retain about 30% long-term.

Assessments, Grades, and Teaching Each Other:

Use your notes and collaborate. Rather than accepting that you haven't learned a particular skill and leaving a section of your assessment blank, learn as you go. During our assessments you: Work alone from memory, then refer to your notes, then collaborate with others. These are all better strategies than leaving questions blank. Students who interact with and teach others retain closer to 50% of what they've learned long-term. With our assessments, we're more concerned with the skills you have and haven't learned than your final grade. You should be too. Our assessments offer a clear outline of the skills that you need to improve. Academic Upgrading at George Brown is about learning what you need to succeed on the next leg of your goal path. Scoring 80% on a test does not prove you have all the skills you need to succeed in the future. You're here to improve your skills, so let's do this right.